ClutterClear Solutions was founded by Jackie Conlan.  Jackie is, she confesses, a natural-born organiser and loves nothing more than a mess she can make ship-shape or a crowded room she can de-clutter.  She points out that nowadays many of us are trying to keep too many plates spinning at once and when time’s at a premium, it’s often things like initiating a home-office filing system that gets repeatedly shunted to the bottom of the list. That’s where she steps in.

Jackie and her husband are Harrow-based and Jackie’s certainly no slouch at the plate-spinning herself, having held down a full-time banking position with Nat West for 24 years at the same time as bringing up their two sons. In her spare time, she’s always been the one family and friends turn to when organisational skills are called for - sorting paperwork, re-arranging rooms, orchestrating house or office moves. She’s also a source of sage and sensible advice on colours and accessories – it’s what she loves to do and over the years ‘sorting people out’ became a bit of a hobby. It therefore seemed a natural step, when she wanted to set up in business for herself, to turn passion into profession and launch Clutter Clear Solutions.


People often ask if her own home is super-organised, minimalist and clutter-free and whilst she’d say yes to organised, she has to confess to falling down a bit on the last two - her loft still being rather full of things she can’t bear to say goodbye to. But of course, this is probably why her service has proved so very popular with clients, who know they’re never going to get a ‘holier than thou’ lecture on anything.


Jackie is however passionate about helping people make their environment just as good as it can possibly be and she loves nothing more than turning chaos into calm, and creating space to enjoy.