Initial Contact


  • You can contact me either by email or phone.

  • I will ask you a few questions, and have a quick chat, to find out what I can do for you.

  • If you are interested in meeting me, and finding out more, I will then arrange a consultation in your home.


Consultation and Assessment Visit
  • This normally takes about an hour, and is completely free of charge, without obligation.

  • It will give me the opportunity to have a look at the areas that are causing you a problem, and discover what you would like to achieve, and how best I can help you. You will also get to meet me, and make sure that you would be comfortable with us working  together.

Written Proposal
  • I will follow up with a written proposal, within 7 days of my visit, which will give details of the work to be completed, estimated timescales, fees etc, and will include my Terms and Conditions. I will ask you to sign this to show that you are in agreement.

  • If you are happy to proceed, either contact me by email or phone, and I will get in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time to make a start.


Working Together
  • Decluttering can be a difficult process at times, both physically and emotionally, so we will work together at your pace, stopping for regular refreshment breaks when neccessary.

  • If a full day session has been booked, we will have a lunch break - I will bring my own food, but would be grateful if you could supply drinks throughout the day. You will not be charged for the lunch break.

  • I have a calm, gentle and non-judgemental approach, and all decisions will be yours - I will be there to offer suggestions and encouragement along the way.

  • We will begin by sorting through everything in the area that we are working on, seperating into items to keep, donate, sell, shred if it's confidential paperwork, and dump.

  • Items to keep - will be set aside until all the sorting has been completed

  • Items to donate - if you have a specific local charity that you support, I will help to load the items into your car, so that this can be done straight away. If you have no preference, I can take the unwanted items away with me, and donate to one of the charities that I support.

  • Items to sell - I will make suggestions on the best places to sell any items. If you do not wish to undertake this yourself, I will endeavour to put you in touch with someone who can help you.

  • Paperwork to shred - for large quantities, I can recommend a very good company who provide a confidential shredding service at very low cost.

  • Items to dump - I can take small amounts of rubbish away with me as part of my service, but it will be your responsibility to dispose of large items and quantities of rubbish.

  • Once we have sorted through everything, we will then organise what's left, in a way that will make things easy and accessible for you, in accordance with your requirements

  • I will offer suggestions for suitable storage along the way if appropriate. There is no need to rush out and buy anything new, until the job has been completed, as you will probably find that you will no longer need it.

  • At the end of the session, I will ensure that the area is left as clear as possible, for health and safety reasons.

  • Once the work has been completed, I will suggest ideas and give you some tips that you can implement to help you to stay organised.

  • I will contact you by email, within 1 month of completion to find out how things are going in your new organised space.



If you have any questions, that have not been covered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch.