We all lead busy lives and it's easy for clutter to build up in our homes - living with it can be overwhelming and stressful, affecting us in so many different ways.


Would you love to:


  • Have more space.

  • Be able to find things easily.

  • Be able to invite people over for dinner without worrying about what they will think of the state of your home.

  • Know that everything in your home has a purpose - they are either things that you love, you need, or you have a use for.


I have a solution to deal with any clutter problem, and can help you to clear a path through the mess and stress it brings, to a calm and organised home. I can work on a single room, selected rooms, or the whole house including the loft, providing it has adequate safe access and light.


My Home Decluttering Services include:


  • Changing a cluttered spare room into a nursery, or home office.

  • Organising your kitchen cupboards.

  • Wardrobe weeding and re-organisation.

  • Clearing those areas that tend to be dumping grounds for everything and anything that you don't know what to do with, such as your garage or loft.

  • Giving you back your dining room, so that you can enjoy family meals and entertaining.

  • Helping to sort through a loved one's possessions, following a bereavement.


   Creating Space to Enjoy your Home