Running your business from home can be highly rewarding, you're your own boss, nobody to answer to or tell you what to do. You can work when you want, there's no commuting, and you are able to spend time doing things for yourself and your family, around your work.


However, it can be very challenging and frustrating, especially if:


  • Your home office or work area is cluttered and disorganised.

  • You have no filing systems in place, so paperwork ends up piled up on all the surfaces, including the floor.

  • You have insufficient storage space.

  • This can lead to procrastination, lack of focus and productivity.

  • You start to miss deadlines, which could cost you money.


Instead of getting on with your work, you often find yourself dreaming about having a beautiful, streamlined and organised workspace - you are desperate to get sorted but don't know where to start.


Let me help you to get organised, so that you can concentrate on running and growing the business that you love.


My Home Office Declutter and Organising services include:


  • Sorting through piles of paperwork.

  • Setting up systems that will work for you.

  • Reviewing your existing storage, and making suggestions for additional or alternative solutions if appropriate.

  • Giving advice and tips on ways that you can stay organised.



       Creating Space to Enjoy Working from Home